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What Is Drywall: Everything You Need To Know About It

Before we leave for the cases in which the plaster partition can be used, a brief explanation of what drywall is, mentioned at the beginning of the post: drywall (or plasterboard) is a board formed by plaster and cardboard. These boards can even be divided according to the project and the supplier.

Advantages Of Gypsum Partition

Whenever there is an indication of a product, its advantages must be analyzed. This is what you will learn below about the use of plasterboard partitions:

The finish is perfect: with a smooth and seamless surface, the finish of the plasterboard is excellent;

Accepts other types of coatings: if you want to include other types of coatings, such as paint, fabric, glass chips, or even ceramic, feel free;

Quick work: the ease of applying drywall ensures a quick and smooth work;

Less dirt: when using plasterboard type, the work will cause little dirt. The material produces little waste, there is almost no material discarded, and moisture does not exist;

Lighter: the structure is much lighter than other types of materials;

Allows insulators: in plasterboard projects, you can choose to put acoustic and thermal insulators inside;

Fire resistance: the plaster itself is more fire-resistant. Because the material is composed of 20% water, drywall further reduces the spread of flames;

Lighting projects: this is for those who enjoy lighting projects. Plasterboard looks wonderful in lighting designs and tasteful recessed lighting;

Versatility: Can be straight, curved, have effects, and even accepts multiple coats. Adapts to steel, concrete, or wood;

Economical: A drywall plasterboard partition can be up to 10% cheaper than conventional masonry.

In which cases is the plasterboard partition used

As we said, Gypsum wall (แผ่น ยิ ป ซั่ ม กั้น ห้อง which is the term in Thai) or drywall plaster is very versatile, and its boards allow for several applications. Therefore, in any leak-free environment. See suggested places where plasterboard is recommended and the colors you can use:

White: living and dining rooms, entrance hall, hallways, bedrooms, and other dry areas;

Pink: enclosed emergency exits and stairs;

Green: in humid environments such as the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and laundry area.

Therefore, gypsum partitions are allowed in practically all dry environments in the house, apartment, office, or commercial center. If you need to share a room, this is an excellent choice.

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