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6 Tips You Need To Know Before Decorating Your Home

When decorating your home, there are essential tips you should take into consideration. Here are tips that are essential before you think about decorating your home. You can visit TOA Group for example for more details.

1- Determine Your Style

How do you want space to make you feel? Grant’s tip is to look at your wardrobe. What type of clothing do you prefer? Colorful, designer, or more comfortable? This way, you will be able to determine how you want your home to be decorated. He says he looks at everything for design inspiration, and that’s one of the main things he looks at when a client hires him to redecorate their home.

2- Define What You Don’t Like

Now that you know what you like, it’s also important to know what you don’t like. Grant explains that it’s much simpler to determine what a person doesn’t like; small details in the decor can, for example, remind you of something you don’t like. Memory is a very important factor when decorating; it’s very personal and individual, that’s why they determine our tastes.

3- Work With The Space You Have

According to Grant, people tend to use very large furniture for very small spaces and vice versa. You must buy furniture that is balanced for the size of your room.  For larger rooms, divided into different areas: an area for sitting and entertaining, another for watching television, another for work, and another for playing video games, for example.

4- Choose The Color Of Your Walls

According to the designer, choosing the color of the walls is the most important step in decorating a space. The colors should be harmonious with the rest of the house, so consider your house as a whole. As wall colors affect your mood, to avoid the risk that the colors don’t make sense to each other, take a paint swatch, paint a small part of the wall and see how it speaks to your mood and the rest of the decoration the environment.

5- Mix Expensive Items With Cheap Items

The humblest objects can have more “soul” than the costly ones. Don’t be afraid to mix more expensive items with cheaper ones; expensive doesn’t always mean better. Some object that is not that valuable but that you love should be part of your home’s identity.

6- Start From The Ground

Interior design can be difficult, especially for beginners. Grant explains that he always hints to start from the floor: floor or carpet, rugs, among others. Starting with the first floor also helps you define what the upper floors will be like so that everything in your house works in harmony.

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